OHAMF Projects

Primary School

Open Hearts and Minds Foundation opened its primary school in Kokoth Kateng in January 2010 with one class of 10 disadvantaged children in a borrowed schoolhouse. It is through the generosity of our sponsors and donors that the school has been able to grow over the past 3 years. We added a new class each January and now we have 32 students at the school with 3 teachers and 2 cooks employed.

See how OHAMF is changing the lives of children in need in this community and how you can become a part of it.

Kanga Kan

Kanga Kan is a small project aiming to help single mothers from a Kenyan slum to support their children and hopefully one day escape the grip of poverty. It is a fund-raising project where single mothers learn to sew the colorful East African fabrics (i.e. the kanga) into beautiful bags.

Meet the women involved and see the impact the venture is having.